Weekend 1 Ultra Music Festival - Pt. 1

Ultra Music Festival will be home to well over 300,000 raging fans in the heart of Bayfront Park,Miami. The festival is set to be the stop for Swedish House Mafia as they step back from the lime light,however,we are here to cover the dubstep producers/djs for weekend one of UMF...Lets go!

Weekend 1 Ultra Music Festival (Part 1)

Ultra Music Festival, could you come a little sooner? Please come sooner! If you're reading this then you're probably tired of the same old week of work. The guy down the cubical can't stop watching youtube videos of "Kid President" and you just got assigned more TPS reports. Don't worry, Dubstep.NET and Ultra Music Festival are here to save your boring work week. We're going to take you on a journey through week one of Ultra Music Festival, and highlight some dubstep shows that everyone should attend.

Ultra Music Festival:
-The Worlds first electronic music festival to take place over 2 weekends 
-300,000+ attendees from 70+ Countries 
-15th Anniversary 
-Weekend 1: March 15-17th 
-Weekend 2: March 22-24th 
-Tickets on sale: http://m.ultramusicfestival.com/lineup 
-9 stages, some of them themed to honor ULTRA events held around the globe (All stages are held in Miami, FL)

Excited now!? Get ready, because this festival is going to be insane. Let's move on to our break-down of the top dubstep artists on the Week 1 Line-Up.


Dog Blood (Skrillex & Boys Noize)

- Ultra Worldwide Stage (Chile) 
- Sunday March 17th

Dog Blood is a group composed of Skrillex, and German-based producer Boys Noize. From the way Skrillex explained, he was on tour in Germany when Boys Noize invited him back to the studio to jam out. After listening to some tunes and working on a few riffs, they decided to link up, and Dog Blood was formed. If you're familiar with both of their styles you'll hear Skrillex and Boys Noize production shine through their first singles. Be sure to stop by the Ultra WorldWide stage on Sunday March 15th for some amazing tracks and hopefully a glimpse of unreleased Dog Blood material.

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Knife Party (Rob Swire & Gareth McGrillen)

- Main Stage
- Saturday March 16th

Before we begin, we'd like to say this is not an actual "Knife Party." Please, no weapons, just get ready to rage! Knife Party is Australian duo Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. I'll say this; I'm the type of person who gets stuck on amazing music. "Internet Friends" is still blasting on my now-blown car speakers (Thanks Knife Party...I'll send the repair bill to your manager).

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All jokes aside, these guys have continued to set the bar high with how much energy goes into every song they make (try to stand still during "Bonfire"). Their most recent remix, "Last Time," blends a complextro style dubstep track packed with high energy nutrients to keep you going for hours. Who can forget the Knife Party vs. Swedish House Mafia "Antidote" with a music video that made you feel like you were in a first person video game?

Definitely remember to stop by the Main Stage, Saturday March 16th to rock out with Knife Party, and don't forget to bring you r*A*ge game! In the mean-time check out all of Knife Party's tracks and follow them below.


Modestep (Josh Friend, Tony Friend, Matthew Curtis, Nick Tsang)

- Live Stage (Amphitheater)
- Friday March 16th

If you haven’t heard of Modestep, now is a good time to get to know them. The electronic group from London formed in 2010 and has been rocking out ever since. They most recently released an amazing album “Evolution Theory” which hosts Josh Friends voice throughout the album. One of the tracks that stand out from the album “Another Day” features producer Popeska, and it’s truly a gift on the ears.

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Datsik (Troy Beetles)

- Main Stage
- Saturday March 16th

Canadian native Datsik is on a hot streak recently. The man is marching closer to a million fans, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Recently released, “Cold Blooded Part 1” will leave you wanting Part 2 as soon as possible. One of my favorite tracks from the EP, “Automatik”, infuses ferocious vocals from Messinian and is guaranteed to keep your head banging!

Stop by the main stage and hopefully you’ll be able to catch some fire from Datsik’s highly anticipated “Cold Blooded Part 2.”

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Borgore (Asaf Borger)

- Main Stage
- Saturday March 16th

Borgore, Borgore, the name so nice you got to say it twice. The man has been hard at work, landing a massive track with Carnage, “Incredible”, on the legendary Spinnin' Records. The track title does not fall short of how incredible this track actually is! Asaf has continued to show his versatility in production, making anything from dubstep, trap, and electro to name a few. We can't wait to see where he takes his style next!

Let’s be honest, every project Borgore is involved in or backs is incredible. Recently released on Buygore Records, ShiftK3Y's “Frozen” shows just how good of an ear Borgore has. The track seems to mix an almost 90’s style boy band vocal with an incredible array of filthy electronic sounds (I mean really, the sound-design and drums on this track are extraordinary! 

Check the main stage right after Datsik for Borgore’s borgasmic performance, Saturday March 16th.

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Krewella (Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf and Rain Man)

- Live Stage (Amphitheater)
- Sunday March 17th

Krewella has been “Killin It” literally……

The trifecta is on the road to Ultra with massive chaos looming. The performance these three put on alone is enough to get even an 80-year-old man excited (in the trousers). If it’s not the music that gets the blood going, well then I’m sure the 2:1 ratio of girls to guy will. All jokes aside, the group has done an amazing job and continues to rise with absolutely meteoric success. Need some tunes for the airplane ride to Miami? Be sure to grab Troll Mix Vol. 3 “Makeout Edition” below and check out Krewella on the Live Stage, Sunday March 17th.

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Written by: AlexM3GA