The Pendulum Swing: New Album Coming In 2014

The legendary drum and bass band,Pendulum,haven'treleased an album since 2010,but expect one in 2014 says leadman Rob Swire. He tweeted this morning,and the world flipped upside down (and hasn't recovered since).

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Pendulum started as a producing duo of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen and ended up as a band. They broke out after releasing “In Silico”, despite Swire's admitted hate for their 2nd album. It’s been a few years since any Pendulum release, as the original duo became Knife Party. Thankfully Rob Swire decided to let the world know about a new KP and Pendulum album this morning with no warning signals.

The new album does not mean a tour (at least not yet), as Rob cleared that up minutes after breaking the news.

We'll have to settle for Knife Party if we are dying to see the masterminds in person within the next few years. Until then, you could always memorize every lyric to every song just in case they change their mind and decide to go on a never-ending tour (optimism).

Written By Jack McNeil @EDMTalk101