Obscure Artist Lands Grammy Nomination,Foul Play Suspected

The release of the 2013 Grammy Nominees revealed a shocking and puzzling scenario: four internationally famous musicians and one man that somehow snuck onto the list. Read below to find out how.

This evening the nominees for the 55th Grammy Awards were released. The 2013 nominees for the "Best Dance Music Recording" category are:

Nominee list courtesy of Grammy.com

While the first four nominees are internationally famous and well-recognized musicians, the final one is not. The DJ "Al Walser" appears to have manipulated the Grammy Academy nominee process to facilitate his inclusion. A popular musician close to the situation, who requested that his name be withheld, had this to say:

"This kind of thing doesn't happen. [The Grammy Academy] takes this really seriously. They are super embarrassed that this happened. I still can't believe it."

Al Walser's Facebook fan page (which has since been taken down) indicates that he is a "Grammy Voting and Nominating member." However, after reviewing the rosters for the 12 regional Grammy Academy chapters, we were unable to locate anyone named any variation of "Al Walser."

Further, Al Walser appears to have staked his life's work on revealing the secrets of the music industry to paying customers. The website for his bookMake It Big: The Secret Path to Break In Today's Music Industry is riddled with references to "secret tools" for music industry success. Typically we are quick to dismiss any claims of being able to generate instant fame as obvious scams. In this instance, though, Al Walser has been able to demonstrate the effectiveness of his methods.

Some, however, are not convinced.

A record label executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity, believes that Al Walser blatantly manipulated the nomination process to get his name included on the final list of nominess.

"I don't know how he did it, [The Grammy Academy Administrators] are very strict usually. They make you leave the room if your stuff is being voted on, things like that. It's obvious that there is no way that this guy could have legitimately gotten himself included, but it's amazing that he pulled this off. Amazing and sad."

Certainly, it is difficult to believe that Al Walser's single was legitimately nominated for the award in question, particularly when one actually listens to it. We were able to locate the music video for the song, which as of this posting has been viewed approximately 20 times.

Watch it here:


We have received comment from someone claiming to represent Al Walser. We have reproduced the reponse here in its entirety exactly as received:

From: "Media, Al Walser"
Sent: Thu 6/12/12 8:02 AM
To: [email protected]

"to whom it may concern

first off, let us tell you that we are big fans of your blog and log in to it frequently also in preperation for the " al walser's weekly top20 " show, a syndicated dance countdown show, that's being aired on over 70 radio stations worldwide.
we saw the article you posted on al walser and the defamation attempts of his likeness and would not want but would be forced to get this to our attorney shouldn't you take this article down.
to the facts.
also, like so many thousands of other artists, yes, he is a voting member as well in the los angeles chapter.
you also claim that you have contacted his office, we have NOT received a mail from you. you also state and quote "A popular musician close to the situation", these are harmful defamational claims and accusations that can't and will not be accepted.
again, we're big fans of your blogs and the EDM scene and al walser has been around for many years, on radio, tv and on stages worldwide: maybe you wan't to see this video for yourself as well. video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8Z-SV1oSv0

we'd love to use this opportunity to reach out to you to make sure you have received our feedback to this.

kind regards, john carragan

Al Walser, Media"

Emails to the Grammy Academy seeking comment were not immediately returned.

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