Krewella Goes Gold - Releases Acoustic Version of “Alive”

With an insanely successful year behind them,Krewella are no strangers to the backlash of harsh Internet critics. With their recent "Gold"achievementas well as the release of their acoustic rendition of “Alive”,Krewella demonstrate their raw talent and passion not just as performers,but as true musicians.

Krewella Goes Gold and Releases Acoustic Version of “Alive”

Many EDM artists face constant criticism regarding their work – whether their music is simply a product of technology rather than based on true talent alone,and consequently,whether their rise to fame and popularity is warranted. For Jahan,Yasmine and Kris – members of the Chicago-based trio, Krewella,it 's been an absolutely roller-coaster of a year. Although they have made serious waves within the EDM scene and garnered a tremendously supportive fan base, they have also been the subject of backlash from the highly critical listeners online.

In response, Krewella have just released an acoustic rendition of their massive, award-winning single, “Alive.” Their stripped performance comes nearly two weeks after Yasmine addressed the Internet “battlefield,” almost as if in response to the haters - a demonstration of their genuine talent. Kris on guitar delivers a mellower backdrop for Jahan and Yasmine' s powerhouse vocals,and the video captures not only their talent as musicians,but more importantly,their raw passion for music itself. As their performance builds up to a moving chorus,Jahan and Yasmine 's expressions show how much they embody their music, and how deeply music is an expression of what they feel.

Written by: Ji-Sook Yim