Deadmau5 to return to Ultra Music Festival

Today,Ultra Music Festival announced that Deadmau5 would return to Ultra Music Festival,even after the mau5 himself said he would not be performing. Read below for the full story.

Today,Ultra Music Festival gave very serious indications that Deadmau5,the prolific house producer,would once again perform on their stage. 

On the day that some feared a Mayan-predicted apocalypse, Ultra Music Festival tweeted out these cryptic messages of a different sort of prophecy:

The tattoo on the Mayan shaman is, of course, the Space-Invaders inspired tattoo that Deadmau5 had inked back in 2009. 

See here:

This supposed reconciliation would be notable because of Deadmau5's multiple extremely well-publicized criticisms of the festival's format.

For example:

Only time will tell if these concerns have been addressed. For now, the Ultra Music Festival website has been updated with this flyer, confirming performances on Saturday of each weekend of the festival: