Bassnectar Divulges the Meaning Behind his Bassdrop Logo

Bassnectar'sfamous emblem can be spotted in tattoos and stickers the world over. Now,there'san explanation of the symbolism from the man himself.

"Thelogo is about letting go of human dogma (RELIGION!)"

Once in a while, Lorin Ashton (as Bassnectar’s known outside the club) releases behind-the-scenes material or relics from early in his long-spanning career. The most recent are two personal notes of Ashton’s explaining the meaning of the bassdrop icon.

As he mentions in the opening statement to the notes, the two explanations vary in their concepts and reasoning for what it means. They seem to be written at different times in Ashton’s life and career, but he makes it clear that he believes life is all about that type of amorphous change. 

Here are a few excerpts from the first note:

“My dear friend who created the word “bassnectar” helped me create the logo. We searched through books of images and icons, and found something similar to the first original design. We messed with it in photoshop and made it more circular (it almost looked like a bad 1970′s airline logo at first!) and I always took it to be kind of my own ‘yin yang’ interpretation, with an open end that flows out endlessly.”

“I have had a very deep relationship with the understanding of ‘good & bad’ or right and wrong. Although my opinions and perceptions always change, I currently do not really understand life to be either good or bad, but rather open to perception, with everything in a bizarre indecipherable balance… something that is good for one is bad for another and vice versa.”

“It’s a permanent, perfect SIMULTANEOUS dichotomy of total insignificance and total significance merged as one into every single flashing second. And the logo means a lot of other things too, and you can say it means whatever you want to you as far as I’m concerned.”

And the second - much shorter note - in it’s entirety:

“The whole concept of the bassnectar logo/icon symbol is kind of a play on duality, in reference to the balance of positive/negative forces in the universe, and the relative aspects of these forces (meaning there is not absolute ‘right’ or ‘wrong’…only subjective perspective)

Even though there is no Absolute right & wrong, and even though even the SUBJECTIVELY wrong will never be eliminated, nor shall “goodness prevail” …at least not absolutely…. EVEN THOUGH that is true…. I still think that following your natural reflex to help is good because it SUSTAINS the balance.”

Check out the official Bassnectar website to read his entire explanation.

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